Electronic Marketing Performance Analytics

Do you send out newsletters and email marketing campaigns, only to wonder how effective they really are and how many end up in the trash folder? Would you like detailed information on the effectiveness of your web site? Solutions like Salesforce.com®, ExactTarget®, and WebTrends® are designed with your electronic marketing performance questions in mind.

Email and Newsletters

ExactTarget has developed an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows email marketers not only to use existing subscriber data to target their campaigns, but also to tag emails and newsletters so that they can report back with data about recipient response to the campaign. Advanced email analytics can evaluate conversion rates and suggest market segmentation lines. For instance, knowing that 60% of your subscribers in the 35-45 age group clicked on a particular link can be extremely valuable in evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing, building your next campaign, and honing your demographic targeting.

Email tracking can also be tied in with dynamic email content management, automated reply management, and web site analytics.

Web Site Analytics

WebTrends focuses especially on web site analytics, offering solutions to tell you what aspects of your online marketing are giving you real return on investment. Some specific areas they cover are “traffic drivers, search marketing, [and] content analysis.

“Traffic drivers” are those site aspects and marketing efforts that bring visitors to your site. With tracking and analytics, you can identify those drivers, weed out ineffective investments, and continually improve both the volume and quality of traffic on your site. This is not just the hit counter of yesteryear—these powerful analytics can tell you not only which pages are being visited, but also whence visitors come, where they go and what they do within your site, and where they “abandon” your site.

“Search marketing” analysis covers search engine optimization and keyword effectiveness, as well as evaluating which specific search engines, pay-per-click campaigns, or other search-related investments are driving traffic to your site.

“Content analysis” evaluates the effectiveness of your content from the visitor’s perspective (as opposed to the search engine’s perspective). It finds out which areas of your site have the biggest visitor draw, where your visitors are getting stuck or giving up on your site, which content visitors examine the most, and which content may be confusing or discouraging to your visitors. This shows you how to make your site user-friendly and effective for your specific market segment.

Digital Solutions offers expertise in implementing the most cutting-edge analytics solutions. We will help you find the best solution to improve your user data analysis and thereby increase your sales, and will seamlessly integrate that best solution with your web and email marketing strategy.

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