Monthly Archives: November 2006

Online Video Replacing TV

Nothing surprising in the report but a recent ICM survey for the BBC reports that nearly half of the people who do watch video online spend less time watching TV. From the article: “In the near future, the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 will distribute most of their shows on demand over the Internet. The [...]

90% of eMail Now Considered Spam

Have you been noticing an increase in spam levels recently?  I know my spam folder is hit with hundreds a day not to mention the 10 or more penny stock ads I have to delete from my inbox every morning.  Well your not alone.  According to U.S. email security company Postini, 9 out of 10 [...]

Video Blogging For Business

Some of your customers or prospects don’t have time to read the direct mails, emails, etc that you send them.  Some of them don’t know the first thing about how to download your podcasts and listen to your message.  Despite these limitations, how many in your audience do you think carry a cell phone and [...]

Online Advertising’s Big-Four Industries

According to this article over at Information Week, by the year 2011 four industries will make up over half of the online ad spending — totalling $11.5 billion. Not a real shock but the four industries will be: Media and Entertainment Financial Services Travel Auto This reminds me of some content from one of my [...]

ExactTarget Variables

Since ExactTarget doesn’t seem to provide a list of all variables that can be used in an email, I came across the info and thought others might find it useful. Anyhow, here they are. I haven’t used all of them but they are pretty self explanitory. Member_Addr Member_Busname Member_City Member_Country Member_PostalCode Member_State MemberID MemberID_ NameEmail_ [...]

Black Friday Online Spending Up 42%

Despite some website problems at,, and others online retailers saw a 42% increase in sales year over year according to comScore Networks — a Global Internet Information Provider. Thanksgiving Day visits were also up over 11% compared to last year according to Hitwise. According to Hitwise: “Wal-Mart drew 18.26% of the market [...]

The Business Case For RSS on Your Site

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. And basically it allows readers to subscribe to information they are interested in receiving. Although RSS has been around since mid 1999, it has only recently gained popularity as a mainstream business tool. Here we will run through some of the reasons you should consider implementing RSS on your [...]

6 Keys to a Successful Business Website

Have you ever sent out an RFP for a web project and been amazed at the wide range pricing in the proposals that come back? It is not uncommon for us to consult with a company who has received proposals that vary by an order of magnitude or more in price. It’s not that one [...]

Google Reader on Your Phone

As I wait for the my phone to die so I can buy my dream phone. I am forced to surf the web through my old palm phone which doesn’t display many web pages well. After posting on the Google transcoder I was playing with some settings in Google Reader when I noticed a url [...]

Google Mobile

Ever wonder what your site looks like in a mobile device?  If your site doesn’t display well on a mobile device and is located through Google search, the site will often be sent through the Google transcoder before rendering. You can view your site through the transcoder at Tweet This Post