Are Your Reaching Your Audience?

The web is very textually based. This has changed somewhat over the years as sites implement more and more graphics but it is still the relative truth.

What does that mean for your audience?

When graphics or animation are used, they are generally used to reinforce a message presented in text or they are the sole form of communication. In NLP it is widely known that there are three different learning types auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. How often do we completely cater to all three learning types in our messages online?

What if a site offered its messages in all three formats and tailored subsequent pages based on which link was selected.  i.e. a user clicks on the graphical link for a product they are presented with a graphically heavy page.  If they click on a text link they are presented with a page containing more text, and finally if they respond to an audio message they are presented with pages that contain more audio content.

In this format all three learning types are being catered to with the exact same content.  An interesting experiment which I will look for a subject site to test it on.

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