10+ Deadly Sins of Blogging

If you haven’t ready them, the first 10 are below.

Ok, I’m guilty of number 9 (Not having a best posts page) but I’ll be fixing that shortly.

11. Posting for the sake of posting without any reason or content.

12. Not posting at least once a month.  If you don’t have something to say on a regular basis, what’s the point.  Nobody will be reading your blog anyhow.

I know there’s more and this could really be an ongoing list.

The first 5 deadly sins of blogging

1. Use a generic blog theme

2. Unreadable text

3. No conversation – narcisistic

4. Cluttered with useless features

5. Ads on a blog with no traffic and no posts

Todd over at stuntdub wrote 5 more deadly sins of blogging.

6. Stealing ideas without links

7. Not having an about page

8. Not having a subscribe button

9. Not having a best posts page

10. Being a Wanker

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