Yahoo Bookmarks Review

A couple of weeks ago, Yahoo! announced a new bookmarking service.  For those of you, like me, who have been searching for a better bookmarking solution, Yahoo! Bookmarks may be the answer.

The service, now in Beta, presents a very intuitive interface which allows you to quickly add links and categorize them.  When searching for a bookmark the system also presents you with a thumbnail of the page to help you remember what the site was.  Of course the thumbnails were working until I took the screenshot below — they seem to strangely become unavailable — I guess that’s why it’s in Beta.

Yahoo! Bookmarks

There is even a ‘Recommended’ tab allowing you to find sites similar to those you have bookmarked.  One of my favorite features so far, besides the thumbnails, is the ‘Frequently Accessed’ category which brings your most accessed bookmarks into easy reach.

Updates to the Yahoo! toolbar allow for easy administration of the bookmarks.  But if you are like me and can’t stand having another toolbar, you can opt for the tiny javascript bookmarklet which allows you to add bookmarks without returning to the Yahoo! page.

Although you can email bookmarks to your friends and colleagues, the system is not meant for easy sharing of bookmarks as services such as  Instead Yahoo!’s services is aimed at the 20 Million registered Yahoo! toolbar users and not the cutting edge technical crowd who would use a system like

off the top of my head I can’t think of another service like Yahoo! Bookmarks.  At least not one that is put together so well.  If anyone can think of any, please share them below.

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