The Business Case For RSS on Your Site

RSS Feeds

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. And basically it allows readers to subscribe to information they are interested in receiving. Although RSS has been around since mid 1999, it has only recently gained popularity as a mainstream business tool.

Here we will run through some of the reasons you should consider implementing RSS on your site to help your business.

One of the greatest benefits to RSS is that it is truly a pull channel for marketing and content distribution. Content is sent to subscribers and they consume it as time permits — much like email. However unlike email, deliverability is not an issue. Deliverability with RSS is guaranteed because your readers have subscribed to the syndication and they can unsubscribe at any time — you can’t send content without a subscription. For this reason, there are no delivery issues such as spam filtering.

So what are businesses using RSS for?

  1. Press Release distribution
  2. White paper / Article distribution
  3. New product / listings distribution
  4. Communicate with customers, vendors, partners, employees
  5. Syndicate content between websites and portals
  6. Appcasting
  7. Podcasting
  8. Screencasting
  9. Webcasts
  10. Videocasts
  11. Career Opportunities
  12. Drive new traffic with RSS search engines, directories and content aggregators

And any other communications where delivery and timeliness is important.  We are implementing an RSS stream to feed property listings to Google Base right now.  Know of more great business uses for RSS?

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