Video Blogging For Business

Some of your customers or prospects don’t have time to read the direct mails, emails, etc that you send them.  Some of them don’t know the first thing about how to download your podcasts and listen to your message.  Despite these limitations, how many in your audience do you think carry a cell phone and have possibly 5 minutes at some point during the day to listen to and watch your message?

Enter Google + YouTube + Verizon

Today, Google and Verizon announced plans to provide YouTube content on Verizon subscribers cell phones.  Although initially only a select number of videos will be available, my mind immediately pictures the near-term future when all videos are available and we can send demos, video proposals, etc directly to our target audiences phones.The most important component of any electronic communications is still to provide value.  However I believe, the second most critical component is to provide the communications in a format that is comfortable to each individual in the audience.

The service will be available early next month

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