Monthly Archives: December 2006

Easy Long-tail of Search Traffic : Misspelling SEO

Last month I accidentally typed the letter 'i' twice when writing ZoomInfo on the 'About ' section of the blog so it appeared as ZoomIinfo.  Through the analytics I discovered quickly that I was ranking for this misspelling and quickly corrected the spelling on the site.  However, before I could get it changed I had [...]

Interactive Marketing Success

Andy Beal recently blogged on "Five Secret Strategies to Add $1 Million in Revenue to your Interactive Marketing Agency in 2007"  Others followed suite including Rand at SEOmoz and Eric at Ramblings about SEO Since I had such an extraordinary ride this year in Web Development and Interactive Marketing, I figure I'll through in my [...]

Google Analytics with AJAX

With the simplicity of Javascript style analytics packages such as Google Analytics compared to the traditional log file parsers, comes the concern that some data (page views) may be overlooked.  One legitimate concern is for browsers with Javascript turned off (which could really be less than 0.05% of all users).  But another concern is for [...]

Google Map Results

Now my wife will attest that I am not the most observant person so this may have happened a couple of days ago I just didn't notice.  But today I have been seeing a Google map link included in the search results for some businesses — such as the listing below.   Just another reason [...]

Freedom From Exchange

I switched over from Outlook + Exchange a couple of weeks ago to GMail for email.  However I still found myself opening Outlook every time I had a schedule an meeting.  Well today that's all changing.  I dumped my whole calendar from Exchange to a csv and imported into Google Calendar – seamless.  I am [...]

Internet Marketing With Google Base

With web searches constantly craving better search results, there is a large trend in search towards vertical searches (searches refined to a specific industry, location, etc).  As with anything in search these days, the Google juggernaut is making aggressive moves in the area.  One particular product Google is offering in the area is Google Base.  [...]

Two Keys to Business Success

I have been running Digital Solutions now for just over 7 years.  It is amazing how caught up in day-to-day activities one can become when running a rapidly growing company.  Sometimes it is difficult to stay focused on the core ideas which really drive the company.  In my mind, every day you need to focus [...]

How Much Does a Website Cost?

This is one of the most common questions we are asked by clients who are new to web development projects of any size. My response is generally, “That depends on what you are trying to accomplish.” The client’s response is then generally, “I know but can’t you give me an idea.” The truth is we [...]

When Good Websites Go Bad

So I spent some time recently reviewing some of our local competitions portfolios to get a feel for the types of work they are completing.  One company in particular has been trying to chase a number of our clients and prospects.  I won’t name any names but I feel so much better about differentiating ourselves [...]