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ExtremeVideo Plugin Testing

Just trying to get the plugin working again.  You can ignore this post. [ev type="youtube" data="z8kJ6Ts4rG4"][/ev] Tweet This Post

How Often To Blog or Podcast

When meeting with clients who want to get started taking advantage of some of the latest new media communications formats, we are consistently asked the question, “How often should we publish a new post or podcast“. Generally this depends on the audience, content and resources available.  But most importantly is should depend on content.  New [...]

Target Your Audience Online

What is your formula for attracting the attention of your audience online? What if you target audience was technology professionals in the Internet space who tend to be male and under 40? Would you create hype by attempting to purchase Superbowl commercials for $2.5M a piece and having them rejected for their content. When your [...]

Technorati Profile

Technorati Profile Tweet This Post

Balancing the Internet Marketing Disconnect

Yesterday I was in a meeting with a partner from a mid-sized insurance firm here locally.  We were discussing all the exciting aspects of Internet marketing, social media and most importantly public relations online.  Jeff Rabkin from Wowza was in the meeting also and was discussing his recent experiences with Mattress Giant. For anyone who [...]

The Business Case for VideoCasts

Over at Copyblogger there is a great article on Marketing With Tutorials .  I posted a couple of months ago on the importance of providing your visitors with alternate media types depending on their preferences.  We all know how accessible web video has become during 2006 and how everybody will have it in the palms [...]

Sales Training From a 4-Year Old

Want to become better in sales? What can we learn about sales from kids?  Last weekend my wife and I took our two boys ice skating at one of the indoor rinks here in Bloomington.  For my youngest son, who just turned 4, it was his first time on ice skates.  With one of his [...] Goes Social

Yesterday on the Blog it was pointed out that the new site includes a very digg like voting system for content.  I believe this will be the first of many similar instances across large organizations in 2007 where social media concepts are integrated into the enterprise.  It's gonna be a fun year.   [...]

Internet Marketing Search Engine

Since I will never have time to read all of Lee's 256 Must Read Blogs (which leaves me with 330 in my reader), I figured to put all this knowledge to best use all the sites should go into a custom search engine. Creating the CSE would have only involved a quick Perl script on [...]

Is it Time to Believe in LinkedIn

Today I was cruising through Guy Kawasaki's Blog and found Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn. Besides doing an excellent job of writing an effective blog post and headline, Guy points out early in the post that: "All 500 of the Fortune 500 are represented in LinkedIn. In fact, 499 of them are represented by director-level [...]