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Since I will never have time to read all of Lee's 256 Must Read Blogs (which leaves me with 330 in my reader), I figured to put all this knowledge to best use all the sites should go into a custom search engine.

Creating the CSE would have only involved a quick Perl script on the OPML file but thanks to Feedburner, it's not that easy.  So anyhow incase anyone wants it, here is the file listing every site included .

Here is the link to the actual search engine page or you can make use of a search box like the one below.

If your site is included, you better get out your tinfoil hat. I'd be willing to bet being added to a frequently used CSE is another signal the Borg is using

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  1. Thats a very well built cse Mark.

    I found this through
    Consider submitting it to my directory which is a niche directory for co-op cse.

    Keep up the good work (nice blog too)

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