Sales Training From a 4-Year Old

Want to become better in sales?

What can we learn about sales from kids?  Last weekend my wife and I took our two boys ice skating at one of the indoor rinks here in Bloomington.  For my youngest son, who just turned 4, it was his first time on ice skates.  With one of his hands clenched to mine and the other on the boards of the rink we slowly made it all the way around the rink in about 30 minutes.  The next time around he was more determined to do it on his own.  He would fall about every 5 feet but get right back up again.  After about 30 minutes of this I thought he would be tired and want to take a break.  Boy was I wrong.  He didn't care if he kept falling in front of the other 50 or so people who were there.  He didn't care if his butt was sore from all the falls.  He was determined to get it right.

What if in sales we weren't concerned about failure?  What if in sales we only focused on what had to be done to succeed?   Would we ever run into the 1000 pound telephone if we had the determination of a 4-year old?  It would be amazing how different we would perform if we didn't spend our lives telling ourselves why we can't do something and instead took the risks to find out if we could do something.  How many times have you not started a conversation with a prospect because you think they won't buy?  What if you were wrong?  And even if you are right you only have to get back up again and start the next conversation.

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