How Often To Blog or Podcast

When meeting with clients who want to get started taking advantage of some of the latest new media communications formats, we are consistently asked the question, “How often should we publish a new post or podcast“.

Generally this depends on the audience, content and resources available.  But most importantly is should depend on content.  New media is not television or radio.  It can often work better to not create a strict schedule to try an follow but instead publish when quality content comes to you.

When your audience opens their RSS reader or turns on their iPod their is no shortage of content — this is quite evident with over 55 million blogs online and over 100 million sites.  So I recommend not to publish content for publishings sake but instead publish for your audiences best interest.

Many blogs post far too many entries every day making it difficult for readers to keep up.  In my opinion if you have more than 2 posts per day on a blog you should divide your blog up into multiple blogs so each of them focus on a niche.

This idea of publishing for the audience once again breaks the concept that the search engines love to spread.  Every SE will tell you to create content for the audience and your SE rankings will follow.  However in the blog world the more you post the more visibility your site will have with the SEs — this is regardless of how your visitors view your content.  So comes the business issue, are your really publishing for your audience or are you publishing for SE traffic?
Since adding Lee Odden’s list of 250 marketing blogs to my reader I have become much more aware of signal vs noise in new media and I am much more prone to remove feeds that seem to have a goal of X posts per day regardless of content.

So how often should you post to your blog or publish a podcast?  What are your motives?  Do you want to create a ton of content for SEs or satisfy an audience?  If its to create content for SEs, the more the better.  If you want to satisfy your audience, post when you have something worthwhile to say.

This is one of the pieces that I will love to look back on in 6 months.  What will the trends be then?  Will I still agree with my position?  Perhaps once newsreaders incorporate a social voting system we won’t have to worry about the noise when we can adjust our personal thresholds to the signal we prefer.  Forums did this many years ago with great results.  Its ideas like this that make reading forums like Slashdot even possible.  I imaging when RSS readers come around to this point it won’t matter as much how often you publish.

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