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What is your formula for attracting the attention of your audience online? What if you target audience was technology professionals in the Internet space who tend to be male and under 40? Would you create hype by attempting to purchase Superbowl commercials for $2.5M a piece and having them rejected for their content. When your cleaned up version is finally accepted your unedited versions are spreading like wildfire across the Internet. $2.5M spent to run one ad results in countless commercial views online and brand impressions for years to come.

Well it’s Superbowl time again and with it comes another year of GoDaddy commercial excitement. Nobody has made better use of their Superbowl advertising budget than GoDaddy over the past 3 years.

According to Bob Parsons CBS has accepted a cleaned up version of this years ad but if you want to see the latest rejected version, here it is .

Of course we all remember the original GoDaddy Superbowl ad.

Update: it seems that WordPress 2.07 has broken my ExtremeVideo plugin so the videos aren’t loading right now. Ross Help Please!

[ev type="youtube" data="HhFMD6ybP2E"][/ev]

Many of you probably haven’t seen the countless follow-ups. Some of which have only appeared online.

[ev type="youtube" data="XoRjKN3_piM"][/ev]

[ev type="youtube" data="RYECJg7wXtM"][/ev]

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[ev type="youtube" data="WoaeTKWFGSI"][/ev]

[ev type="youtube" data="WjuLCg-ZyxA"][/ev]

Of course isn’t the only company targeting Superbowl ad rejection as a marketing strategy.

Ford Motor Co, Anheuser-Busch and others have experimented in this area in the past. One rejected Budweiser commercial is below.

[ev type="youtube" data="xC3o-M1Ugt"][/ev]

Years ago some claimed it was a mistake for Godaddy to invest in Superbowl ads. Since they are still at it 3 years later does that indicate there is some success to the strategy?

Update: Melanie Schmitt from GoDaddy (who must have her Google alerts fine tuned) adds …

I enjoyed reading your blog about Go Daddy’s past and present Super Bowl advertising. I just wanted to let you know that Bob Parsons is confident that our third commercial will be approved by CBS with minor changes but that the commercial has not fully been approved yet.
Thank you for your interest in the commercials, we hope you enjoy them!

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