Monthly Archives: January 2007

Linked In Answers

Stomping on the grave of Google Answers . There seems to be a lot of activity in the answer category by other Internet powerhouses and Web 2.0 shops.  Included in this is the new LinkedIn answers section. Below is a screenshot from the new section.  As you can see from the first question there are [...]

330 Blogs in My Reader

I have been debating for days on what to do with Lee Odden's Must Read Search Marketing Blogs.  Having over 100 blogs in Google Reader already (most of which I can't get to on a regular basis) I couldn't imagine dumping another 250 into my to-do list. Well the curiosity got to me and I [...]

Online Spending Tops $100B in 2006

Data released by comScore Networks reveals what we all knew would happen.  Online spending increased another 24% in 2006 to total more than $100B spent in eCommerce.  2006 Also saw a holiday season increase in spending of 26%.  Does anyone still know people who are hesitant to purchase online?  Based on these numbers their can't [...]