Monthly Archives: December 2010

My Top 5 SEO Tools

Happy new year everybody!  If you are like me, you spend a lot of time researching competition watching SERPs and monitoring client sites.  It seems I find myself returning time and time again to many of my favorite tools for making my job easier.  I thought that since they make my life easier, I should [...]

Good Design Helps SEO

Bing has confirmed that click through rate is one of the many signals effecting their ranking algorithm.  Google has yet to confirm this but considering their emphasis on improving the user experience, it only makes sense that they would include the effectiveness of a search result (click through rate) in their rankings. This year saw [...]

SEO Keyword and Grading Tool Testing

We did some serious testing on our new keyword and site grading tool today.  An initial screenshot is below.  Some beautification is still required but we are developers and SEOs and functionality is a lot more important in our tools than a pretty picture. The site analyzed about isn’t one of ours so you don’t [...]