What is this site about?

In 1999 I started a little web development and Internet marketing shop called Digital Solutions. I started it because in 1999 web development jobs were falling in my lap. Unfortunately the following years the jobs weren’t so plentiful. But we survived and have been rolling strong for the last couple of year.
In 1995 I graduated from Kennedy High School in Bloomington, Minn. Two years later I attended the Institute of Technology at the University of Minnesota majoring in Electrical Engineering and finally Computer Science and Engineering. The only reason I share that is because I am a computer science major at heart. Algorithms, protocols, Big O, whatever it all gets me excited. My wife calls me a nerd.

Over the past years, while running and growing Digital Solutions, I have become completely engrossed in the latest Internet marketing strategies. In the end this results in a fascination with search engines, email campaigns, user experience and visitor psychology. This site is an outlet for the topics I am researching, the information I find and communication with the people I meet.
I have a Flickr account which will allow you to learn way too much about me and my family :-) The short is a wife and 3 kids.
Here is a photo of my oldest son, Alex, and I catching walleyes up on Mille Lacs

Walleye on Mille Lacs

You can also find me on ZoomInfo or on LinkedIn

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