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Contextual Sitelinks?

I found this today The ‘Jump To’ seems to have been added by Google and the ‘Botox Treatment before & after photos’ is anchor text used on the site. And ‘Botox Treatment before & after doesn’t seem to be a regular sitelink for the site. Unless I just haven’t been observant enough, I don’t remember [...]

Google Places : What’s Driving Local SERPs

Google Places search results pages drive me crazy on a daily basis.  They go from displaying businesses that are 20 miles away to returning incomplete, unverified, places pages with no website above legitimate businesses. Today I was searching for ‘laser hair removal’ in nearby St. Paul.  A look at the Google SERP below shows the [...]

My Top 5 SEO Tools

Happy new year everybody!  If you are like me, you spend a lot of time researching competition watching SERPs and monitoring client sites.  It seems I find myself returning time and time again to many of my favorite tools for making my job easier.  I thought that since they make my life easier, I should [...]

Good Design Helps SEO

Bing has confirmed that click through rate is one of the many signals effecting their ranking algorithm.  Google has yet to confirm this but considering their emphasis on improving the user experience, it only makes sense that they would include the effectiveness of a search result (click through rate) in their rankings. This year saw [...]

SEO Keyword and Grading Tool Testing

We did some serious testing on our new keyword and site grading tool today.  An initial screenshot is below.  Some beautification is still required but we are developers and SEOs and functionality is a lot more important in our tools than a pretty picture. The site analyzed about isn’t one of ours so you don’t [...]

Ultherapy on Dr. Oz!

My good friends over at Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery informed me that Ultherapy was recently featured on Dr. Oz. More information on Ulthera can also be found here but basically it is a non-invasive ultrasound procedure for tightening and lifting the skin.  The results improve over the next 3-6 months but some tightening is noticeable [...]

How Google Places Ruins Search Results

A couple weeks ago Google Places took a more prominent role in many search results.  It is not uncommon now to see every search result above the fold coming out of Google places. Below is a screenshot of a search for ‘Plastic Surgery Minneapolis’  Google displays 7 places results.  Three of them are not verified [...]

Face lifts in St. Paul and Minneapolis

I know, I know, what does this look like a facial plastics blog.  I couldn’t help myself this time.  I just had to let word out about Midwest Facial Plastics and their Face lifts in St. Paul Minneapolis.  Now I’ve never had a face lift but I have seen them on tv.  I think it [...]

Facial Implants in St. Paul

If anyone is ever looking for Facial Implants in St. Paul Minneapolis, I know just the place to go.  Dr. Chris Tolan and Dr. Joe Campanelli over at Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery have been doing some excellent facial implants recently.  Their work has been featured on many of the local tv stations including Fox 9 [...]

Nose Surgery in St. Paul and Minneapolis

Over the past couple of years I have had the exceptional opportunity to work with Dr. Chris Tolan and Dr. Joe Campanelli over at Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery in Woodbury.  Dr. Tolan and Dr. Campanelli specialize in Rhinoplasty in St. Paul Minneapolis.  Now I don’t actually need a nose job or nose surgery which the [...]