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Google Places : What’s Driving Local SERPs

Google Places search results pages drive me crazy on a daily basis.  They go from displaying businesses that are 20 miles away to returning incomplete, unverified, places pages with no website above legitimate businesses. Today I was searching for ‘laser hair removal’ in nearby St. Paul.  A look at the Google SERP below shows the [...]

Worst Practices ::’s Amnesia

I just spent 45 minutes watching an interesting screencast from called Marketing In the Google Era.  The presentation was actually fairly interesting.  No real new material but a well presented overview of good practices that all companies should be following. The interesting thing is that it seems doesn’t understand their own material.  I [...]

Specialized Search Engines

Everyone knows about the most common search engines such as Yahoo, Google, AltaVista and Dogpile.  These are considered generalized search mechanisms.  They gather all kinds of content from the internet and reference said content using keywords. But – there are literally thousands of search engines available to web users that specialize in topical content.  It [...]

How Often To Blog or Podcast

When meeting with clients who want to get started taking advantage of some of the latest new media communications formats, we are consistently asked the question, “How often should we publish a new post or podcast“. Generally this depends on the audience, content and resources available.  But most importantly is should depend on content.  New [...]

Target Your Audience Online

What is your formula for attracting the attention of your audience online? What if you target audience was technology professionals in the Internet space who tend to be male and under 40? Would you create hype by attempting to purchase Superbowl commercials for $2.5M a piece and having them rejected for their content. When your [...]

Balancing the Internet Marketing Disconnect

Yesterday I was in a meeting with a partner from a mid-sized insurance firm here locally.  We were discussing all the exciting aspects of Internet marketing, social media and most importantly public relations online.  Jeff Rabkin from Wowza was in the meeting also and was discussing his recent experiences with Mattress Giant. For anyone who [...]

The Business Case for VideoCasts

Over at Copyblogger there is a great article on Marketing With Tutorials .  I posted a couple of months ago on the importance of providing your visitors with alternate media types depending on their preferences.  We all know how accessible web video has become during 2006 and how everybody will have it in the palms [...]

Internet Marketing Search Engine

Since I will never have time to read all of Lee's 256 Must Read Blogs (which leaves me with 330 in my reader), I figured to put all this knowledge to best use all the sites should go into a custom search engine. Creating the CSE would have only involved a quick Perl script on [...]

330 Blogs in My Reader

I have been debating for days on what to do with Lee Odden's Must Read Search Marketing Blogs.  Having over 100 blogs in Google Reader already (most of which I can't get to on a regular basis) I couldn't imagine dumping another 250 into my to-do list. Well the curiosity got to me and I [...]

Online Spending Tops $100B in 2006

Data released by comScore Networks reveals what we all knew would happen.  Online spending increased another 24% in 2006 to total more than $100B spent in eCommerce.  2006 Also saw a holiday season increase in spending of 26%.  Does anyone still know people who are hesitant to purchase online?  Based on these numbers their can't [...]