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Google Places : What’s Driving Local SERPs

Google Places search results pages drive me crazy on a daily basis.  They go from displaying businesses that are 20 miles away to returning incomplete, unverified, places pages with no website above legitimate businesses. Today I was searching for ‘laser hair removal’ in nearby St. Paul.  A look at the Google SERP below shows the [...]

My Top 5 SEO Tools

Happy new year everybody!  If you are like me, you spend a lot of time researching competition watching SERPs and monitoring client sites.  It seems I find myself returning time and time again to many of my favorite tools for making my job easier.  I thought that since they make my life easier, I should [...]

Balancing the Internet Marketing Disconnect

Yesterday I was in a meeting with a partner from a mid-sized insurance firm here locally.  We were discussing all the exciting aspects of Internet marketing, social media and most importantly public relations online.  Jeff Rabkin from Wowza was in the meeting also and was discussing his recent experiences with Mattress Giant. For anyone who [...]

Internet Marketing Search Engine

Since I will never have time to read all of Lee's 256 Must Read Blogs (which leaves me with 330 in my reader), I figured to put all this knowledge to best use all the sites should go into a custom search engine. Creating the CSE would have only involved a quick Perl script on [...]

Easy Long-tail of Search Traffic : Misspelling SEO

Last month I accidentally typed the letter 'i' twice when writing ZoomInfo on the 'About ' section of the blog so it appeared as ZoomIinfo.  Through the analytics I discovered quickly that I was ranking for this misspelling and quickly corrected the spelling on the site.  However, before I could get it changed I had [...]

Google Map Results

Now my wife will attest that I am not the most observant person so this may have happened a couple of days ago I just didn't notice.  But today I have been seeing a Google map link included in the search results for some businesses — such as the listing below.   Just another reason [...]

Internet Marketing With Google Base

With web searches constantly craving better search results, there is a large trend in search towards vertical searches (searches refined to a specific industry, location, etc).  As with anything in search these days, the Google juggernaut is making aggressive moves in the area.  One particular product Google is offering in the area is Google Base.  [...]

When Good Websites Go Bad

So I spent some time recently reviewing some of our local competitions portfolios to get a feel for the types of work they are completing.  One company in particular has been trying to chase a number of our clients and prospects.  I won’t name any names but I feel so much better about differentiating ourselves [...]

Online Advertising’s Big-Four Industries

According to this article over at Information Week, by the year 2011 four industries will make up over half of the online ad spending — totalling $11.5 billion. Not a real shock but the four industries will be: Media and Entertainment Financial Services Travel Auto This reminds me of some content from one of my [...]

6 Keys to a Successful Business Website

Have you ever sent out an RFP for a web project and been amazed at the wide range pricing in the proposals that come back? It is not uncommon for us to consult with a company who has received proposals that vary by an order of magnitude or more in price. It’s not that one [...]