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How Much Does a Website Cost?

This is one of the most common questions we are asked by clients who are new to web development projects of any size. My response is generally, “That depends on what you are trying to accomplish.” The client’s response is then generally, “I know but can’t you give me an idea.” The truth is we [...]

6 Keys to a Successful Business Website

Have you ever sent out an RFP for a web project and been amazed at the wide range pricing in the proposals that come back? It is not uncommon for us to consult with a company who has received proposals that vary by an order of magnitude or more in price. It’s not that one [...]

Google Reader on Your Phone

As I wait for the my phone to die so I can buy my dream phone. I am forced to surf the web through my old palm phone which doesn’t display many web pages well. After posting on the Google transcoder I was playing with some settings in Google Reader when I noticed a url [...]

Google Mobile

Ever wonder what your site looks like in a mobile device?  If your site doesn’t display well on a mobile device and is located through Google search, the site will often be sent through the Google transcoder before rendering. You can view your site through the transcoder at Tweet This Post