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Worst Practices ::’s Amnesia

I just spent 45 minutes watching an interesting screencast from called Marketing In the Google Era.  The presentation was actually fairly interesting.  No real new material but a well presented overview of good practices that all companies should be following. The interesting thing is that it seems doesn’t understand their own material.  I [...]

Balancing the Internet Marketing Disconnect

Yesterday I was in a meeting with a partner from a mid-sized insurance firm here locally.  We were discussing all the exciting aspects of Internet marketing, social media and most importantly public relations online.  Jeff Rabkin from Wowza was in the meeting also and was discussing his recent experiences with Mattress Giant. For anyone who [...]

Google Analytics with AJAX

With the simplicity of Javascript style analytics packages such as Google Analytics compared to the traditional log file parsers, comes the concern that some data (page views) may be overlooked.  One legitimate concern is for browsers with Javascript turned off (which could really be less than 0.05% of all users).  But another concern is for [...]

Internet Marketing With Google Base

With web searches constantly craving better search results, there is a large trend in search towards vertical searches (searches refined to a specific industry, location, etc).  As with anything in search these days, the Google juggernaut is making aggressive moves in the area.  One particular product Google is offering in the area is Google Base.  [...]